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Anker Weesp

This Genever from Weesp is produced by original recipe from 1630. Traditionally distilled with Barley, Rye and Wheat. A spicy genever to enjoy.

Limited stock is available on request.

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Bakers Best

The distillers are using left over bread for the production of Bakers Best old Dutch genever. This is the first unique genever on the market based on recycled ingredients.

You can order Bakers Best here!

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Gebroeders Rum

This selection of blended rum is the eye catcher for your hospitality business. Premium rum is from several sources in South-America and blended on request with your own private label.

Ask for a presentation of the portfolio.

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Kever Genever

Gold colored with a smell of cinnamon and apple and other secret ingredients distilled from malt wine and tinctures.

More info at their website.

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The Stillery

Dutch wodka produced from spelt and naturally filtrated water. A soft sensation of sweet taste.

More info at their website.

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Veld Tulpen Wodka

Tulips from Amsterdam for producing this floral wodka. Double distilled from biological cultured tulip bulbs.

More info at their website.

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