januari 2018

2.3% ABV Session NEIPA

I received an email a couple month ago from a homebrewer looking for advice on a 1% ABV New England IPA. It got me thinking about how light I could push a beer that still scratched my hop-itch. All else equal, I prefer beers with less alcohol so I can drink more, especially when it is hot out. I’ve brewed a few low-alcohol hoppy beers over the years (Wheat-based at 2.1% and Vienna-based at 3.6%), but it seemed worth revisiting. Rather than make a 1% near-beer,… Read More »

Financial district & Memorial site

Financial District This is a complex neighbourhood to walk through. So many conflicting items are pressed on two square miles; history and modern times – victory and loss. Remember Wallstreet crash and the attacks on the twin tower. You will see it all in a walking tour of 3 hours and the extra visit to the memorial center. There is an opportunity to organise a walking tour by agency like https://wallstreetwalks.com/. You will get a headset and your guide wil tell you all the details of… Read More »