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17 Chocolate Beers for National Chocolate Day

Brewers often tell me that chocolate as a brewing ingredient adds complexity, well-roundedness, and smoothness to a beer’s flavor. It’s not easy to brew with chocolate—its oils can cause head retention issues, and it often require long and labor-intensive boils—but these beers make it all ...
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6 Beginner Beer Recipes and Styles

We find ourselves in a golden era of beer. There are more breweries open in the United States than ever before, with more and more opening every day. Countless styles and amazing quality are at our fingertips, and tips of our tongues, in nearly every ...
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Belgian Pale Ale

Make Your Finest Belgian Pale Ale “I don’t like Belgian beers.” Or no less than that’s what folks will let you know. The fact is that I really like Belgian beers, but it surely’s a simple model to overdo when it comes to the complexity ...
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Better German Pilsner

  This recipe from Josh Weikert, author of the Beer: Simple blog is for a bare-bones, but crisp and flavorful, German Pils. The grist is simplicity itself, all Pils with just a touch of Victory to bring out a rich grainy malt flavor, and it has ...
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Breakside Liquid Sunshine Pilsner Recipe

Ben Edmunds, head brewer for Breakside Brewery in Portland, Oregon, shared this recipe for their classic German Pilsner with an emphasis on late-kettle hops. ALL-GRAIN Brewhouse efficiency: 88% OG: 1.049 (11.5°P) FG: 1.010 (2.6°P) IBUs: 26 ABV: 5% MALT/GRAIN BILL 7 lbs 6 oz (3.35 ...
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Foreign Breweries

Brewers Find Bold Beer Flavors in Barrels Beyond Bourbon

  The number of craft breweries with some level of barrel aging program has risen dramatically over the past decade, with most gravitating toward used whiskey casks, particularly bourbon, to add new oaky, vanilla and boozy flavor elements to select batches. But whiskey certainly is ...
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Fruit & Herbal

Brewing with Chocolate, Methods and Process

Chocolate and beer are two of the best substances in the world, so they can only be better together, right? There are a number of ways to infuse the goodness of cacao, along with all the antioxidant power packed into those little beans, into your ...
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Citraweiss Recipe

ALL-GRAIN Batch dimension: 6 gallons (22.7 liters) boil/5 gallons (19 liters) knockout Brewhouse effectivity: 75& Attenuation: 80% OG: 1.06 FG: 1.01 IBUs: 50 ABV: 6.5% MALT/GRAIN BILL 5.5 lb (2.5 kg) White wheat malt three.5 lb (1.6 kg) Pilsner malt 1.2 lb (544 g) Torrified ...
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Fruit & Herbal beer

Coloration Outdoors the Traces

The primary rule of saison is that there aren’t any guidelines. Okay, possibly that’s an oversimplification. But when we consider fashionable beer type guides as canonical coloring books for grownups, then saison is the satan on our shoulders inviting us to enterprise exterior the traces ...
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Comrade Fresh Hops Superpower IPA Recipe

Denver Colorado’s Comrade Brewing’s wet-hops American IPA won a 2014 GABF silver medal. With loads of Pacific Northwest hops, it has huge pine and grapefruit hops aromas, with flavors of citrus and balanced bitterness with a light malt character. ALL-GRAIN OG: 1.066 FG: 1.011 IBUs: ...
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Easy Irish Stout

Irish stout is the perfect dark beer for warm weather. It’s full-flavored, low in alcohol, and has about the same number of calories as that watery “lite beer” your brother-in-law brings to your backyard barbecue. And speaking of grilled meat, Irish stout is a great ...
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ESB: Additional Sturdy Bitter, or is it simply Particular

Additional sturdy, or particular, bitter (also called ESB) fashion beers are a enjoyable beer to drink and a comparatively easy one to make. While you hear an Englishman seek advice from a beer is a bitter, historically that is the fashion of beer they’re referring ...
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