Imperial Stout Recipe


OG: 1.092
FG: 1.024
Est IBUs: 50
Est ABV: 9.four%

12 lb (5.44 kg) 2-row or different pale base malt
2 lb, 2 oz (964 g) crystal 60 malt
2 lb, 2 oz (964 g) Crisp chocolate malt
12 oz (340 g) debittered black malt
1 lb, 10 oz (737 g) flaked oats
zero.50 lb (227 g) rice hulls (optionally available, however extremely really helpful)


1.25 oz (35 g) Magnum at 90 minutes.
three oz (85 g) Willamette at zero minutes.


Saccharification relaxation at 155°F (68°C) for 60 minutes. Boil for 90 minutes. Ferment at 67–72°F (19–22°C) for 10 days (or till gravity stabilizes).


An American Ale Yeast comparable to Safale US-05, White Labs WLP001, or Wyeast 1056

If potential, go for softer water to facilitate a rounder mouthfeel. The rice hulls are optionally available however will assist forestall a caught mash, particularly with the numerous weight of oats. In the event you’re utilizing dry yeast, think about making a pitch starter with rehydrated yeast and ~250ml of eight°P wort constructed from DME the evening earlier than your brew day.

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