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new to craft beer these 7 dark lagers are easy on the palate - Craft Beers

New to Craft Beer? These 7 Dark Lagers are Easy on the Palate

28 april 2017

 Bitter IPAs and boozy, barrel-aged beers might shock the palate if you’re trying to introduce a curious newcomer to craft beer. Instead, it’s generally better to hand them a beer …

2.3 abv session neipa - Craft Beers

2.3% ABV Session NEIPA

26 januari 2018

I received an email a couple month ago from a homebrewer looking for advice on a 1% ABV New England IPA. It got me thinking about how light I could push …

world beer week 3 - Craft Beers

Regional Histories of Sour Beer

10 februari 2017

 The idea of sour beer is fairly simple; sweet wort undergoes a spontaneous fermentation when wild yeast is introduced into the mix. This then leads to the production of alcohol …

brewery with bikes 61 - Craft Beers

New Belgium’s Brewery, Celebrating 20 Years of Sour Beers

3 maart 2017

This year marks New Belgium’s 20 th year for making sour beers, which first launched its wood beer program in 1997 with La Folie. The award-winning sour ale’s 2017 version …

beers of mexico variety pack costco 3 - Craft Beers

Like Mexican-Style Lagers? Here are 11 Craft Beers You Should Try

23 mei 2017

Chances are, you’ve occasionally thrown back a few bottles of a popular Mexican amber lager. Maybe you drank them before you got into craft beer and now they make you …

3e3a71ddcf0e17829294582392f2a707ca0a8bb6 5 on 5 pale ales - Craft Beers

5 Craft Brewers and Their Favorite Pale Ales

13 augustus 2016

Pale ale is a popular beer style among brewers, some of whom couldn’t pick just one favorite. Victory Headwaters and Ballast Point Grunion I really love Victory Headwaters (Downingtown, Pennsylvania), and Ballast …

fb share2 - Craft Beers

10 Dark Beers You’ll Crave This Winter: Stouts, Porters and More

16 februari 2017

We talk a lot about the myths about dark beers you shouldn’t believe. In the smack dab of winter, they’re my absolute favorite. Smoky and musty or rich and creamy, …

Dusseldorf German Alt Bier – A Taste of Class in a Glass

1 november 2016

Dusseldorf German Alt Bier A very tasty and satisfying beer. a loose translation of Alt Bier would be Old Beer. It is said to be one of the oldest styles in …

glass hops grain - Craft Beers

Make Your First Batch an IPA

24 november 2016

So you’ve decided to take up homebrewing. You’ve bought starter equipment (or received a kit as a gift). You have a reference book or two. And you’ve obviously found the …

chocolate beer 2961 1 - Craft Beers

17 Chocolate Beers for National Chocolate Day

1 november 2016

Brewers often tell me that chocolate as a brewing ingredient adds complexity, well-roundedness, and smoothness to a beer’s flavor. It’s not easy to brew with chocolate—its oils can cause head …

Overseas Further Stout

20 november 2016

There was as soon as a beer destined for lands far and huge throughout the seven seas. To make sure its secure passage, it was made within the mildew of …

120beerwithoutborders2 - Craft Beers

Big in Japan: Stouts in the Land of the Rising Sun

5 maart 2017

There’s no doubt about it: Stouts are huge in Japan. At the World Beer Cup in Philadelphia earlier this year, Japanese breweries claimed seven medals for the style, including two …

coronation ales statistics - Craft Beers

1953 Coronation Ales

1 april 2016

 There’s a tradition in Britain of celebrating royal occasions with a strong brew. From the Bass King’s Ale celebrating Edward VII ascending the throne in 1901 to the plethora of …

porter list - Craft Beers

German Porter: Part Two

19 mei 2016

 In the 20th century, the story of German Porter is mostly one of slow decline. The period after WWII is particularly fascinating, with Porter faring very differently in the two …

empty - Craft Beers

Stjørdalsøl: Behind the Smoke, an Old Beer Style Thrives in Norway

19 mei 2016

 There is a stretch of road in rural Norway with 24 homesteads… and 22 brewers. As if this weren’t stunning enough proof of the importance of artisanal beer in the …

mild ales - Craft Beers

Darkish Gentle

18 juli 2016

 Once I began diving into archived brewing information, I skilled a couple of shocks. One of many greatest was discovering Darkish Gentle had a a lot shorter historical past than …

all day ipa - Craft Beers

Past the Pale: Is the Pale Ale Passé or Poised for Reinvention?

28 juli 2016

 In 1983, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale medaled on the Nice American Beer Competition. Not within the Pale Ale class, thoughts you, but it surely was considered one of three beers …

style guide - Craft Beers

Coloration Outdoors the Traces

18 augustus 2016

The primary rule of saison is that there aren't any guidelines.Okay, possibly that’s an oversimplification. But when we consider fashionable beer type guides as canonical coloring books for grownups, then …

pils glasses - Craft Beers

The Pilsner Panorama

28 september 2016

Pilsner is “a brewer’s beer” type. You hear it many times once you speak to brewers about their favourite kinds or once you ask them what their “desert-island beers” are—it’s …

hops and lagers image - Craft Beers

Hops and Lagers

12 oktober 2016

Once we take into consideration “hoppy lagers,” historically, the one one that basically involves thoughts is the Pilsner. Each the traditional Czech and German Pilsners are reasonably hoppy in comparison …