Beer Adjuncts

Unmalted grains such as corn, rice, rye, oats, barley, and wheat are called adjuncts. They are used in brewing beer and produce beers with added body and a greater brilliancy. Adjuncts also contribute to the flavor of the beer, for example, rice has a very neutral aroma and taste, while… Lees verderBeer Adjuncts »

Extract Beer Brewing Tip – Don’t Steep Grains with Too Much Water

This week I offer a tip for extract brewers about steeping grains and why its important not to steep your grains with too much water. Many extract brewers start by steeping their grains with their entire boil volume, which can lead to excessive tannin extraction. Steeping Grains in Extract Brewing… Lees verderExtract Beer Brewing Tip – Don’t Steep Grains with Too Much Water »

Decoction Shortcuts

Decoction mashing can seem like an impassable mountain on your hero’s journey as a homebrewer. It offers the promise of deeper malt character, but the extra time and work are too daunting for some. Brewing masters contribute to the mythology as they debate using single, double, or even triple decoction… Lees verderDecoction Shortcuts »

All in for All-Grain?

Like most brewers, I started out making extract beers. I quickly progressed from using simple extract kits to adding complexity with specialty grains. Steeping some crystal malt or a bit of roast was a trivial extra step that yielded great results. I became adept at transforming the lightest, unhopped extract… Lees verderAll in for All-Grain? »

An Introduction to Doing a Cereal Mash

  Many all-grain brewers appear to be delay when something past a single infusion comes up in a recipe. Phrases like “triple decoction” conjure up pictures of steampunk laboratories, mad scientists, and hump-backed henchman. Cereal mashing appears to get the identical response, which is comprehensible as nearly each article on the topic is… Lees verderAn Introduction to Doing a Cereal Mash »

Astringency when Steeping Grains for Malt Extract Beer Brewing

Astringency, a bitter tea-bag like taste in beer is intently related to mash problems and all-grain brewing, however this week we’ll have a look at the chance of astringency for extract beer brewers as nicely. It isn’t well-known that you could introduce astringency when steeping grains for extract. Specifically utilizing… Lees verderAstringency when Steeping Grains for Malt Extract Beer Brewing »