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Like Mexican-Style Lagers? Here are 11 Craft Beers You Should Try

Chances are, you’ve occasionally thrown back a few bottles of a popular Mexican amber lager. Maybe you drank them before you got into craft beer and now they make you nostalgic, or maybe you harbor dreams of being the Most Interesting Man  — or Woman — in the World. Whatever the reason, the popularity of Mexican-style lagers persists even among seasoned craft beer drinkers. But what is a Mexican-style lager in the first place? The category does not explicitly appear in the Beer Judge Certification Program… Read More »

New to Craft Beer? These 7 Dark Lagers are Easy on the Palate

  Bitter IPAs and boozy, barrel-aged beers might shock the palate if you’re trying to introduce a curious newcomer to craft beer. Instead, it’s generally better to hand them a beer style that simultaneously feels familiar and also enlightens — dark lagers embody those traits. German-style Schwarzbiers, dunkels, bocks, and American dark lagers might seem intimidating, but appearances can be deceiving. Dark lagers drink like their golden counterparts but enjoy exquisite depths of flavor that demonstrate a brewer’s skill and imagination. So, if you are… Read More »

Hops and Lagers

Once we take into consideration “hoppy lagers,” historically, the one one that basically involves thoughts is the Pilsner. Each the traditional Czech and German Pilsners are reasonably hoppy in comparison with different lagers—however can we actually, in a beer world that routinely sees beers with nearly 100 IBUs and all late or dry hopping, name these beers “hoppy”? Provided that we settle for that the lager household merely doesn’t do hoppy in that manner. Nevertheless, for about ten years, brewers have been pushing the boundaries… Read More »

The Pilsner Panorama

Pilsner is “a brewer’s beer” type. You hear it many times once you speak to brewers about their favourite kinds or once you ask them what their “desert-island beers” are—it’s the bitter golden lager that they like to drink once they’re off the clock. Pilsner is a straightforward type to fall for. It may be simply consumed in amount with out fatiguing the palate, however a superb Pils additionally has the complexity to resist scrutiny. The perfect examples showcase a outstanding stability between a particular… Read More »