Cornish Pasty: A Portable, Savory Hand Pie

  Originating in Britain, the Cornish pasty is a hand pie, usually savory, with a sturdy dough enclosing a filling of steak, potatoes, carrots, onions, and seasonings. These pasties were designed to be a full meal that would hold up in a workman’s pocket until lunch without any protection other than the crust. Cornish pasties also differ from other hand pies like calzones or empanadas in the fact that the filling cooks while the pastry itself cooks, sealing all of the flavors and nutrients inside… Read More »

Beer and Food Chart

The Beer & Food Pairing Chart approaches pairing by first looking at common individual food components and comparing them to the six main beer flavor categories (Crisp & Clean, Malty & Sweet, Dark & Roasty, Hoppy & Bitter, Fruity & Spicy and Sour, Tart & Funky). The potential interactions between the food and beer are outlined and an approachable dish is recommended. Download Craft Beer & Food Chart

Asian-Style Noodles Infused with Stout and Witbier

  When a noodle is one of the main components of a recipe, the type and style of noodle will add its character and charm to the finished dish. Using both rice and wheat flour Asian-style noodles as a foundation, these recipes explore two sauce options for these ribbons of goodness. Each one goes in a different direction, accentuating the noodle’s flavor and texture, while incorporating a beer style into Asian cuisine. Rice noodles combine with delicate seafood flavors and a Witbier’s kiss of orange… Read More »

Celebrate Spring with an IPA Pesto

  Spring Pesto Pesto is defined as anything made by pounding. Traditionally pesto is made with basil, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. In this recipe, I’m combining the bounty of flavors that spring offers with this technique to blend ingredients into a sauce. Depending on what your farmers market or local grocery store have to offer, this recipe can be modified and designed to enhance any style of IPA that’s available to you. The herbs, greens, nuts and beer style… Read More »

Thai-Inspired Bière Cuisine

  With spring getting into full swing, a bounty of produce awaits at the farmers market. This month I wanted to highlight seasonal vegetables with a Thai-inspired curry. Build a delicious meal by first making a yellow curry paste to spice a soup or sauce base, and then garnish it with more seasonal vegetables and herbs. Thai Yellow Curry Paste The secret to great Thai food is creating layers of flavor by breaking down something that we might think of as simple and letting it… Read More »