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Photography Making pictures from everything that is beautiful and emotional. Making pictures about street art, people, nature, industry and ordinary life. Brewer Started simple with kits long time ago and developed own equipment. Brewing all styles. Foodie Enjoying to buy and create healthy good food. Visiting festivals and workshops to learn from the experts and …

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Beer and Food Chart

beer food chart - Beer and Food Chart

The CraftBeer.com Beer & Food Pairing Chart approaches pairing by first looking at common individual food components and comparing them to the six main beer flavor categories (Crisp & Clean, Malty & Sweet, Dark & Roasty, Hoppy & Bitter, Fruity & Spicy and Sour, Tart & Funky). The potential interactions between the food and beer are outlined and an approachable dish …

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DIY: Hops Dryer

brown ale

Brewing with homegrown hops is as satisfying as cooking with food from your own garden. But while zucchini and tomatoes can go straight from harvest to kitchen, hops need to take a quick detour to be dried first. It’s true that you can skip the drying process if you’re making a wet-hopped beer, but once …

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Thai-Inspired Bière Cuisine

thai kitchen - Thai-Inspired Bière Cuisine

  With spring getting into full swing, a bounty of produce awaits at the farmers market. This month I wanted to highlight seasonal vegetables with a Thai-inspired curry. Build a delicious meal by first making a yellow curry paste to spice a soup or sauce base, and then garnish it with more seasonal vegetables and …

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BLOG Articles from posters Articles and comments about what could be interesting to read. Small and great things to make people happy, sad or even angry. Please do share your comment. Reading the posts BEER Learn about Craft Beers The world of craft beers is exploding. Creative styling is part of the new development. What …

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