The Top Hops, According to New Survey from the Brewers Association

Good news, hop heads: the Brewers Association just released its annual Hop Survey. Along with a wealth of other data, the annual survey includes a year-over-year “Top 10 Hop Production Ranking.” The results? Well, they are surprisingly similar in form to that other familiar fall ranking: the College Football Top… Lees verderThe Top Hops, According to New Survey from the Brewers Association »

DIY: Hop Spider

Hops are a vital ingredient in most beers, but they can present a messy problem. We need them in the boil but really don’t want them in the fermentor. Whole-leaf hops become bulky as they absorb wort and break apart, while pellet hops turn into green sludge. Either way, they… Lees verderDIY: Hop Spider »

Hopback vs. Knockout Hops

Late addition hops are a crucial element of today’s IPA as brewers strive to capture more hops aroma and flavor without adding bitterness. But English breweries (and some brewers inspired by English brewing practices) have been using the hopback technique for ages, running wort from the kettle through a container… Lees verderHopback vs. Knockout Hops »


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