Utilizing a Refractometer

Refractometer Fundamentals I’ve an in depth article on refractometers and how they operate here. The brief model is refractometer can be utilized to switch your hydrometer and take correct gravity readings of each unfermented and fermented wort. They work by shining mild via a prism and measuring the refractive index of a small pattern of wort or beer, which you’ll then use to find out the precise gravity. In sensible use, a refractometer may be very easy. First you callibrate (see beneath). Subsequent, you usually… Read More »

Build a DIY Recirculating Infusion Mash System (RIMS)

I recently had a chance to brew with the professionals at a local brewery. They were brewing on a SABCO Brew-Magic (15 gallon) system that they use for their weekly small batch releases. The brewer explained the components and how they all worked together. The wort would circulate throughout the mash process and that the temperature would be kept constant by an electric heater that was in the circulation loop. And, the re-circulation helped with the efficiency and the clarity of the wort. The price… Read More »

DIY: Making Your Own Cooler Mash Tun

Making the leap to all-grain brewing gives you finer control of your recipes and can also save you some money on ingredients, but it does require special equipment. You need a container to hold all the grain while the starches convert, and you need a way to rinse the sugars from the malt. It’s a simple problem with a multitude of solutions. Some people use a brew-in-a-bag setup, which is fairly simple, but it does require some muscle. The more traditional path is to use… Read More »