Utilizing an Ice Bathtub or Fermentation Chiller for Brewing Lager Beers

This week we have a look at ice baths and fermentation chilers for brewing lager beer. Brewing a beer is usually a irritating expertise for a lot of residence brewers who lack a separate fermentation fridge. Nevertheless these strategies, together with the “Son of a Fermentation Chiller”, provide the capability to brew a beer at residence with no separate fridge.

Fermenting a Lager

Ales are straightforward to ferment at residence – as most might be fermented close to room temperature of 68-72 F (20-22 C). Lagers current a particular problem, nevertheless, as most lager yeasts require a fermentation temperature between 45-55 F (7-13 C). This temperature is barely above the temperature of a typical residence fridge, and nicely beneath the temperature of most properties. Sadly if you happen to ferment your lager too heat, you’ll get extreme ester manufacturing together with different off flavors that can trigger issues within the completed beer. Temperature is most crucial throughout lively fermentation, however ideally you wish to hold your lager chilly all through the whole fermentation and growing older interval.

The easy answer is to buy a separate fridge or freezer together with a temperature controller that switches the fridge on/off to take care of the specified fermentation temperature. Nevertheless not all brewers have the cash or house for a devoted beer fermenting fridge – notably one massive sufficient to carry a typical 5 gallon (19 l) carboy.

So we’re going to take a look at some makeshift alternate options for fermenting your lager.

The Ice Bathtub

One answer is to make use of an ice bathtub to relax your fermenter and preserve its temperature. This may work surprisingly nicely nevertheless it does take some care and feeding to be sure you preserve sufficient ice within the bathtub all through the fermentation. It additionally helps if you happen to can hold the whole ice bathtub insulated so the ice melts slowly and the whole system stays inside a couple of levels of your goal temperature.

Some attainable options embrace:

  • A Massive Picnic Cooler or “Gott type” water cooler can comprise/insulate your fermenter. Ideally you prefer to the fermenter immersed within the ice bathtub and contained fully within the cooler, however even a smaller cooler can work if you happen to put insulating materials excessive to take care of the temperature.
  • A Massive Bucket with Insulation – You should use a big tub with the chilly water in it after which both encompass the whole bucket and fermenter with top quality insulation wrap or construct an insulating field out of insulating styrofoam (1-1/2″ or 2″ styrofoam board).

When utilizing such a system, you’ll need to make use of fairly a little bit of ice to get the fermenter to its preliminary fermentation temperature, then pitch your yeast. After that you’ll usually want so as to add extra ice a minimum of twice a day, probably extra relying in your insulation and ambient temperature.

One trick is to make use of plastic bottles of ice. Fill numerous previous 1 or 2 liter bottles with water and freeze them in your fridge. Change them out a minimum of twice a day, and use a thermometer to observe the temperature of your ice bathtub. Utilizing bottles additionally means you don’t must cope with the “ice soften” – or rising quantity within the tub because the ice melts.

Some brewers have even made subtle water chillers which have separate ice bathtub in addition to a pump and controller to take care of a relentless water bathtub temperature across the fermenter. Personally, I want an air cooled system (see beneath) to offer exact temperature management as it’s usually cheaper and easier to construct.

Air Cooled Techniques – “Son of a Fermentation Chiller”

One other answer is to create your individual air-cooled field. One instance of that is Ken Schwartz’ common Son of a Fermentation Chiller design. The chiller is mainly a 3 chamber field constructed from 2″ thick extruded polystyrene (foam) insulating board. Within the massive chamber sits the fermenter, whereas the opposite two chambers home ice stuffed bottles. A small fan and return join the ice chambers with the principle chamber so chilly air might be circulated previous the ice bottles and across the fermenter. Instructions can be found here.

The fan is tied to a thermostat so you possibly can precisely set the specified fermentation temperature. As with the ice bathtub the bottles of ice should be refreshed a minimum of day by day to maintain the chamber cool. Nevertheless in contrast to the ice bathtub, you possibly can set and preserve a exact fermentation temperature. You’ll be able to in all probability construct certainly one of these at residence for $70-100 relying in your native materials prices – the costliest components are the complete sheet (four foot x eight foot) foam board and thermostat.

I’ve additionally discovered a couple of hyperlinks to even easier designs that use only a huge Styrofoam field (constructed from the identical insulating board) however don’t have any fan or thermostat. On this “field” design you add bottles of ice to the Styrofoam field instantly and handle the temperature by various the variety of bottles used. That is the air equal of the ice bathtub above – it doesn’t supply exact management, however might offer you sufficient management to brew a good lager.


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